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The US & UK Summit On Race Juneteenth: Black Pride or Peril? Friday, June 3, 2022



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As We Wrestle With The 2nd Anniversary of George Floyd's Death & Now The Tragedy of The Buffalo Massacre


  • When is it? Friday, June 3, 2022 -- 11 AM Eastern • 10 AM Central • 9 AM Mountain • 8 AM Pacific • 4 PM GMT
  • How Long Is The Event? Two Hours on the Zoom Platform
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's hosting it? US UK Summit on Race
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  • Why should I be there? To learn more about the legacy of Juneteenth as we discuss recent events impacting race in America, the United Kingdom, and Beyond
  • What's it all about? A multigenerational, multimedia virtual program designed to inspire and engage each attendee to understand why Juneteenth is considered the second Independence Day in American History. Full details below.
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Pilar Tucker, M.A., is a social entrepreneur, clinical psychology doctoral candidate, and radical world changer. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Boston University’s School of Medicine. As a Founder and CEO, she has devoted her entrepreneurial efforts and life work to helping organizations, academic institutions, and corporations build and implement thriving systems that create inclusive opportunities for people to prioritize their mental health and develop as leaders. Through empowerment, education, and evidence-based interventions, Pilar is committed to providing trauma-informed care, building social change through strength-based approaches, and advancing vulnerable populations globally.

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Juneteenth, which is celebrated annually, is an important holiday in the Black community. The day has become the most prominent Emancipation Day holiday in the United States and commemorates the moment when emancipation finally reached those in the deepest parts of the former Confederacy on June 19, 1865. It is a holiday meant for celebration rather than mourning and remembrance.

Juneteenth is not just a Black holiday. It is an American holiday. The day signals America finally realizing our founding principles of "liberty and justice for all." Slavery is a dark stain on US history, but Juneteenth is an example that America can move past the transgressions of history in the pursuit of a freer society.

Juneteenth became a state holiday in Texas in 1980, and a number of other states subsequently followed suit. In 2021 Juneteenth was made a federal holiday. The day is also celebrated outside the United States, being used by organizations in a number of countries to recognize the end of slavery and to honor the culture and achievements of African Americans.

The word is a combination of the month of June and the 19th, the exact day in 1865 when Major General Gordon Granger marched into Galveston, Texas with 2000 troops. Some 7000 "colored troops" were already in Galveston on that day because of weather-related problems. Major Granger read General Order Number 3 which announced the end of the Civil War and Slavery. The war had actually ended two months earlier, and the slaves in the region had actually been freed 2.5 years earlier, but their slave masters had NOT set them free. After reading the order, it was posted on the door of Reedy Chapter AME Church in Galveston.

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The US-UK SUMMIT on RACE is an initiative launched by the Boston-based Multicultural Symposium Series (MSS) and its Founder, Global Diversity Professional Carole Copeland Thomas. The Summit explores the impact of RACE in the United States and the United Kingdom as both countries struggle with racism, strife, and discriminatory practices that are associated with oppression across the world.

Founded in 2021, following the first anniversary of George Floyd's murder, the US UK Summit On Race has held four virtual events that have attracted hundreds of attendees from ten countries worldwide. It is sponsored by several US-based corporations and continues to identify corporate sponsors who value the advancement of global diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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